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Economizer Sow Feeder

Economizer Sow Feeder

  • The special design of the ECONOMIZER helps it to pay for itself in long life and feed savings.
  • The heavy duty cast iron feed bowl will withstand a sows roughest abuse.
  • Feed saver rod inside the bowl prevents the sow from rooting out and wasting feed.
  • Easy to clean throughout.
  • The design of the hopper controls feed flow.
  • Narrow 3/4" opening at the bottom does not allow feed to flow out in large amounts, so waste is controlled.
  • Agitator rod prevents clogging and bridging.
  • Removable adjustment strap for supplemental flow control of finely ground feeds.
  • Hopper bolts to cast iron bowl, but can be easily removed for cleaning.
"Kumfort Kup" Self Feeders

"Kumfort Kup" Self Feeder

These new, improved hog feeders have been especially designed to meet the needs of modern confinement hog feeding systems.

They take up only a minimum of valuable pen space.

The cast base and 16 gauge steel hoppers are built to stand the hard usage of confined animals.

The new, gentle rocking action design of the hopper, with the adjustment for food flow control, assures non-clogging feed flow and cuts waste to a minimum.

The feed cups are scientifically shaped, to fit the hog's lower jaw. They discourage the animal from rooting feed out.

No sharp edges to cause injury.

Can be quickly and easily disassembled for occasional thorough cleaning.
  • 6 place feeder for hog finishing pens.
  • Height: ...